A small West Texas ranching community seems an unlikely place to foster a sophisticated knowledge of design, architecture and construction; but North Texas homebuilder, Randall Underwood, claims the plains of west Texas instilled in him a sense of natural order, appropriate scale, and regional correctness. Randall was always enamored with “intricate details that when properly executed produce a thing of lasting beauty.”


After receiving his Bachelor of Arts degree in Architecture at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Randall embarked on his lifelong career in construction management. For the past twenty years, Underwood Custom Homes, LLC has been building, renovating and refurbishing remarkable homes in Dallas, Fort Worth and the surrounding area.


From cottages to estates, from Georgian to contemporary architecture, Randall has emerged as a premier homebuilder in North Texas. The ultimate compliment to any business, Underwood Custom Homes, LLC has grown exclusively through client referrals. Randall's engaging, honest and respectful way of interacting with clients, consultants and sub-contractors fosters a partnership between homeowner, architect and builder.


True to his Texas roots, Randall's word is his bond.

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